Other Writing

On the wonder of mornings in the city, for New York magazine.

An essay on marrying young, for Slate.

An overview of baby-boomer-soothing magic-realist films of the late ’80s and early ’90s, for The Believer.

A profile of chef Christopher Kostow, of The Restaurant at Meadowood, for Time magazine.

feature on three women who survived breast cancer, from O, the Oprah Magazine.

Reviews of four new novels, and a review of Frederick Busch’s selected stories, both for The New York Times.

Thoughts on the future of the humble paperback, for Slate.

A travelogue of getting well in Mexico, co-written with Meredith Bryan for O, the Oprah Magazine.

Recollections of a fun day and a few recipes with Ina Garten, for O, the Oprah Magazine.

An essay on my yearlong obsession with a certain awesome rock band, for Salon. (Also, you can hear me discuss the piece on WNYC’s Soundcheck by clicking here.)

An exploration of the island of Corsica, in collaboration with chef Naomi Pomeroy, for Time Style & Design.

A roundup of the kinky erotica that Fifty Shades of Grey hath wrought, for Time magazine.

An ode to books by Gloria Vanderbilt and Alison Rose, in which I recall working for both women, from Tin House.

An essay on the pleasures of eating absolutely everything, for O, the Oprah Magazine.

A history of the humble recipe card, and a call for its preservation, for Slate.

A review of recent fiction by A.M. Homes and Emma Donoghue, for Time.

A review of Kate Atkinson’s latest novel, Life After Life, for Time.

A piece about my crippling fear of flying—and how I finally figured out what was behind it—from O, the Oprah Magazine.

A profile of creative virtuoso Anna Rabinowicz, for O, the Oprah Magazine.

A piece on the recent surge of dog-related memoirs by women, and why dog women get more respect than cat ladies, for Slate.

Fond recollections of Mr. Rick Kleine, my life-changing, awe-inspiring, absolutely awesome fifth grade teacher, for Tin House’s blog, The Open Bar.

An exploration of what the Bay Area has meant to me (and to my fiction) on Green Apple Books’ blog, The Apple Core.

Plus, a few fun interviews with Elisabeth Moss, Helen Mirren, Lauren Ambrose, Chris Rock, and Bryan Cranston, and short pieces on such topics as the awesomeness of heirloom beans; kickass crafts to make at home; Halloween candy for grownups; super-cool stuff you can do with your grill; common myths, busted; and the best of the food blogs (all from O, the Oprah Magazine and the Oprah.com Life Lift blog).